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The Plastic Hippo

Sit down and take a deep breath; Walsall Council made a mistake.

As the enormity of this shocking news becomes clear, Walsall residents with a sensitive disposition are urged to keep calm, stay strong and be assured that those responsible for the mistake will face the full force of retribution and merciless punishment. For the first time ever in the history of human habitation in this fair borough, an error has occurred that will leave a permanent stain on the impeccable and infallible reputation of Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council. A person, or persons unknown, decided not the grit the roads when it was snowing.

But fear not; this indefensible aberration will not go unpunished. Those responsible for embarrassing our beloved, wise and recently financially enhance politburo will be severely dealt with and will soon learn that a mistake is not acceptable. These errant and lazy gritting crews and their counterproductive…

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