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The Reremouse

Beautiful, aren’t they?  I must admit the first time I saw a paper sky lantern I was enchanted – like ghosts lifting up, escaping the ground, I thought…  They give a sense of the most elegant ritual, turning any outdoor space into a cathedral.

Until recent years, I never gave too much of a thought to what happens when they land.  Like so many other things, its a matter of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Particularly as many of the lanterns available now are made from bamboo and other biodegradable materials. Its easy to convince yourself that its FINE if its biodegradable – what harm can it do?

But these days, more often than not, my usual view of sky lanterns is this one.  Found at Merrions Wood (yes – INSIDE the woodland).  Never mind the choking hazard to agricultural livestock – these things sometimes come down to earth…

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